RIMEXON services

RIMEXON is your reliable partner in the field of customs brokerage and consulting on foreign economic activity. Our experts are ready to offer a full range of services, from customs clearance of goods to comprehensive consultations on international trade.

checkCustoms Brokerage Services

RIMEXON provides high-quality customs brokerage services, significantly simplifying the customs clearance process. We handle all aspects of document preparation and verification, customs duty calculation. We actively engage in resolving customs issues, offer consultations on foreign economic activity, and assist in obtaining all necessary licenses and certificates, ensuring our clients’ smooth operations on the international stage.

We also offer full or partial customs outsourcing, guaranteeing effective support for all customs operations.


RIMEXON - services in international trade


checkConsulting Services in Foreign Economic Activity

We offer consulting services covering all aspects of foreign economic activity. We provide expert consultations, assist in the preparation of necessary documents, and execution of international trade operations. This includes support in training and preparation of personnel, which is critically important for companies aiming to enter international markets.


checkMD Office Software Suite

As official representatives of the developer in the Ternopil region, we provide a full range of services for the implementation and support of the MD Office software suite. This includes software installation, configuration, user training, and technical support. Thus, we ensure that our clients can use all features of MD Office to optimize their activities in international trade.


Why Choose RIMEXON?

RIMEXON's services in international trade represent a comprehensive solution that helps companies efficiently manage customs procedures and consulting requirements. Our goal is to make your foreign economic activity as simple and profitable as possible. If you want to order a customs broker service at RIMEXON or need professional consultation, contact us today to find out how we can help you succeed on the international stage.

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